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Whistler Water 10×10 Custom Printed Chill Zone

Custom printed chill zone with branding for Whistler Water outdoor events.

Do you find yourself getting thirsty by just looking at this inflatable tent? Well, you wouldn’t be alone. That ice cold, refreshing bottled water looks so good. The added misting effect of this custom printed Chill Zone™ only further entices thirsty onlookers. Aside from making you feel comfortable on a hot day when the sun is beaming down on you. Attract your customers through effective, beautifully designed advertising products that only Promotional Design Group can deliver. We pride ourselves in being the best in the industry with many years of experience that no other company can offer and our products are proof of that. This particular misting station was made out of our best inflatable material and printed with our unique printing technology and treatments for the ink not to easily be removed from the vinyl which the unit is made from.

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