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USA Navy Custom Tent with Graphics/Logos walls

10'x15' Pop Up Canopy with custom printing for U.S. Navy

Recruitment for the U.S. Navy is serious business. Whenever they go somewhere they have to look as formal as possible and everything which has their branding on them has to reflect everything they stand for. If the company that manufactured their uniforms made some with different colors or if the colors did not match then they would no longer buy from them because the Navy’s standards for perfection and consistency are really high. We pride ourselves in being able to provide consistent promotional products and we are also happy to be able to color-match all of our products so we can make sure an order now, or an order multiple years from now will be perfectly matched. Which is why they went all out with a custom tent with graphics, illustrating the magnificence of serving the United States military. It is an awesome call of duty, and it was an honor and privilege for Promotional Design Group to fabricate this extremely effective, Custom Tent with Graphics that serves as a place where men and women make a commitment to serve. We made a commitment to our client to give our best because they demonstrate their best, and together we’re bound to live by that code of honor. Although we do manufacture promotional products we take great pride in everything we manufacture because it is truly an art. The many processes we employ to make the best promotional products art all a unique coalition of production processes that help us make promotional items with the best warranties available anywhere. Now, the reason we have these great warranties is because we stand behind what we believe to be the best outdoor advertising tools available.

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