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Printed 10’x10′ Canopy for Three Twins Ice Cream

Three Twins Ice Cream Custom Table Cover

Here at Promotional Design Group, we like to produce simple promotional products too, like table covers. These simple, yet effective promotional advertising tools are easy to set up and cost effective. Sometimes you will not have enough space to go all out with promotional items at a booth where spacing is limited sometimes but you can have a table cover that will allow you to still have some type of branding. Of course, a table cover can be part of a bigger package of promotional items and you can use it completely alone or as part of the array of promotional items to showcase your products, ideas and services. These table covers are made from the same high quality, commercial grade vinyl coated polyester as our tent tops. The perfect thing about a table cover is that they are light, easy to transport and they fold into a rather small bag. This material is 100% water proof, U.V. coated, and NFPA certified fire retardant and it has a high tensile strength. We also have a non-vinyl polyester fabric for those who prefer the more matte look. Either way you go, our commercial grade table covers are meant to last.

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