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TGS Medicine 10×10 Custom Printed Pop Up Tent

Custom printed Silver Package for TGS Medicine

This practical 10-foot by 10-foot custom printed pop-up tent was designed for TGS Medicine, a Colorado cannabis dispensary, proving that there’s no type of business that PDG can’t service. We have actually made an effort to try to cater to many different industries that we know that might be interested in our products. We offer many different styles and forms of promotional products but it is the canopies that are the most popular. This specific canopy offers an open-air style with only a back wall, allowing guests and customers to enter and exit from any side of the tent. The digitally printed back wall is adorned with large-scale text that extends from top to bottom for easy readability. We can print just about anything on the canopies making text this big is no issue for us. We can also print large images and of course any vectored artwork. The design on this pop up tent takes advantage of the canopy’s peak and extensions to promote the brand and its website.

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