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Shave Ice 10×10 Custom Printed Pop Up Tent

Custom printed food booth with windows.

Every one of our customized promo tents is a project which we take very seriously because they are all unique and since they are unique they require special attention and instructions for every team member who is working on it to follow. This tent is a food booth and every food booth has standard attachments that make it stand apart from our other pop up canopies. Mesh half walls are an important attachment because the two side walls are sealed to prevent any contaminant from entering the canopy, while the front wall has windows that are resealable (velcro attachments) so that when someone buys something you can give them their order through the windows and immediately enclose the canopy again. These tents also have a back wall that has a zipper for you to go in and our of the canopy and like previously stated, keep pest and contaminants out. The last part is the printing because adding your brand identity to your custom canopy is important so that you can stand out instead of having plain tent with stains or rips in it, but rather a beautifully printed vinyl canopy that doesn’t rip or stain and your unique brand is on it so any passerby can easily identify you. There seems to be a large demand for shaved ice these days and everyone seems to be doing it and we get many request for food booths with shaved ice graphics on them, like the one listed above. Every one of these companies puts their own spin on their design and our talented design team is always willing to help further enhance the ideas we are presented with because they have been working with canopies long enough to know what is appealing and what is not too well received in a tent design. We encourage companies to bring us their designs so our design team can make this come to life through one of our products.

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