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Acton Pop Up tent

10'x10' Pop Up Canopy Tent for Acton

In this picture we compare the quality of our custom printed 10×10 pop-up to our competitors. If you guessed we made the Custom digital graphic printed 10×10 Action Rocket Skates pop-up tent that stands straight, sturdy, and visible well above the other cheap pop-up tents, you are correct. This tent went through our production process in a week and it was used for Dew Tour a day after it was delivered to Acton. Unlike our competitors we carefully select the best materials to manufacture our promotional products and our turnaround times are very reasonable and fast. If a project need to be expedited and rushed through our production process we can definitely do it but we will charge a rush *fee. Our Pop-Up tents are made from 100% vinyl material and are supported by a commercial grade aluminum frame to ensure durability after years of use. These frames also come with a fantastic warranty that ranges from o8-10 years, depending on which aluminum frame you purchase. At PDG we guarantee your pop up tent won’t look droopy and off-putting like our competitors, but instead professional and inviting like Action Rocket Skate’s. We truly believe that appearances matter and if your canopy looks horrid it might be a good idea to buy a new one and make sure it looks great. What many of these canopies do is present your brand to passerby and onlookers and if it has little to show then it is most likely how they will see you because the canopy becomes a part of who you are wherever you go. We love creating engaging promotional products with our customers because sometimes it is them who have awesome ideas and we are the people that make them come to life. Of course, we will also have great ideas when it comes to designing a any promotional product, so if you need help developing an idea or getting a specific look on a canopy we can help. We have a full team of in-house designers who work tirelessly doing what they love. Sometimes they are baffled when they see how great a design looks once it is implemented and these are people that work here, so imagine how amazed you’ll be!

* Rush fees apply to any project with a due date before our provided turnaround time.

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