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Peace Tea 20×20 Standard Frame Tent

20'x20' Standard frame tent with printing on

Take a look at this 20×20 standard frame tent with unique branding, on sidewalls, backwall, valance, and tent top. It is a highly customized tent with beautiful imagery that puts simple solid-color tents to shame. The Peace Love Tea company has a gorgeous set of art pieces for their cans and they applied some of that art to their tent design. The result was an amazing looking tent. It is a 20×20 standard frame tent which on its own and without printing can seem boring and dull but they made it look super nice with their custom printing. One key element in this project was the printing. Not because it is printed but because they wanted brand consistency across their other marketing articles to this one. Our design department works hand in hand with our printing department to make sure this is a possibility. They selected the colors necessary for the print to be evenly matched to their products and marketing tools and then our printing department works tirelessly to match all of the colors on the artwork.“Peace, Love, and Tea” is what is displayed here in this full digitally color graphics, texts, and logos throughout this magnificent, personalized canopy. If awards were be given out for most outstanding tent, this 20×20 standard frame tent would surely have taken home the biggest trophy! Our client provided an art file and our Design Team matched their art specifications, and the “Peace, Love, and Tea” tent was born! Now they take it to events and it is a huge success.

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