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Parrot Inflatable

Custom made inflatable parrot

Promotional Design Group has a couple of subsidiaries that are formed of everything we specialize in and one of them is Creative Inflatables. Creative Inflatables specializes in creating the best looking inflatables available on the market with accurate colors and lots of detail. Like with many of our custom inflatables we print them with digital printing technology that allows us to guarantee that the promotional products will last a long time and this is why we provide a great warranty. This parrot is one of our most popular inflatables and because it has so many colors it attracts people who see from far away. There are many inflatable companies but we make sure to be the best because our quality is what makes us stand apart from anyone else. We print our inflatables and when we design the patterns for them we make sure to take every aspect of the shapes we build into account. Wether it is the peak of a parrot or the claw on a cyclops we make the most perfect inflatables that we can as opposed to the generic looking shaped inflatables everyone else offers. These inflatables can also be branded with a banner across the center to display your unique signage. Every single inflatable we manufacture also goes through a thorough inspection for us to make sure we have manufactured everything to perfection. This parrot has at least 40 different layers of material on the surface and many more within to make sure the parrot shape is as parrot looking as possible. The other challenge in designing the parrot is making sure the colors are consistent across the entire inflatable because the prints are so large but we are no ordinary print shop, instead we use PMS color matching to be able to match colors any time of the day on every single project. We have gone ahead and also developed a tie down system to make sure the inflatable is nice and secure when people set it up. Many times we have seen inflatables installed in high winds and we have also seen inflatables fly off roofs (definitely not ours, because we make sure we provide safety instructions) and since each and every project is different we make sure we find the right specifications for every individual project.

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