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Misting 10×10 Custom Printed Tent for Whistler

Custom printed inflatable chill zone for Whistler Water Co.

Whistler Water Co. needed to have an outdoor campaign that included their printing so that they could have their brand identity wherever they went. This inflatable misting tent is custom printed and it is completely covered in printing. This design was developed by our design team and they provided Whistler with multiple renderings until we arrived at what they were looking for. They provided us the artwork and gave us a general idea of what they were looking for and we applied their artwork to our misting tent as best as possible to be able to be able to convert their idea. The misting station comes with a blower and a water pressurizer to create the mist effect. These misting tents include a *1 year limited warranty and the amount of printing you can do on it is not limited to at all.

*Talk to one of our sales team members for more info.

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