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Mario Kart 20×20 High Peak Custom Printed Tent

Custom Designed 20'x20' High Peak tent for Mario Kart Driving School with printing on walls and tops.

Nintendo sought our highly skilled design team to create a customizable product to launch their new Mario Kart game in a countrywide campaign. The end result is a maximum exposure with completely digitally printed white walls, tent top with logos in hues of iced blue, flags, and checkered-board patterned valanced tent. Mario Kart is one of the most respected racing games in the video-game world because of how simple and complex it can get, but mainly because of how much fun it can be. It is truly an honor to work with a company who is who highly respected and serious but fun at the same time. We strive to be able to cater to anyone who needs any sort of promotional materials, wether it is a mom and pop shop or a multimillionaire corporation. When a company launches an outdoor exposure campaign they need the proper tools to attract attention and even though the product they are displaying is great it is not highly visible from afar, but when you place branding on one of our custom tents you can recognize these products from far away because they are not limited to ground level and if someone interested in the product sees it standing above the crowd they will have clear direction as to where you are and where to go. This specific tent is a high peak tent and it is one of our most popular kind of marketing tent. They offer a very iconic look that has become more and more common among tent owners. Our true passion lies in designing a tent with graphics enveloping the tent to or designing a tent that looks entirely different from anything else. We encourage you to bring artwork designed for a tent to us and we will accommodate it and tell you is it is the proper size for us to print onto out large tents and if it will look good on the final product, since we have a team of dedicated designers who can guide you through the process and double check these things for you.

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