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Little Ceaser’s Pizza Custom Shaped Inflatable Mascot

5' and 15' Inflatable replicas of Little Ceaser's mascot: Little Ceaser

Custom inflatable mascots are not an easy thing to do since they are very detailed and the can have a lot customization, plus they usually have not been converted to a three dimensional platform so deciding how it is going to look can be tricky. We have a full team of designers and engineers who develop these projects and they make every single one of the projects as perfect as possible. We then take it to our printing department and they do intricate color matching to make sure brand identities are precise. Little Caesars wanted to have their mascot be large and highly visible for everyone to see and we made this X’ inflatable and they loved the model. Their two-dimensional flat design had to be turned into a three-dimensional model and we had our engineers develop the patterns and artwork for the design with our state of the art 3D rendering software. Our production team then took it into their hands and they worked closely with the design team to manufacture this one of a kind inflatable. The entire process is done in-house and everything is made in the U.S. This like all of the inflatables we manufacture is made with the best material, the best manufacturing processes and extreme attention to detail. We are very proud of this and we love working with clients who appreciate quality and support American labor.

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