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Inflatable Pig atop Capitol Records

Custom inflatable pig setup at Capitol Records

Pink Floyd has some kind of love for pigs and they used it as their mascot for their  “In the Flesh” tour when they performed any of the three songs on the album having to do with pigs as props onstage and they looked awesome. They asked for an inflatable pig that would be similar to the one they used at the Battersea Power Station in Britain so that they can install it on the Capitol Records tower and we delivered one of our most popular inflatables. Our installation team also went ahead and did the intricate setup because the safety of the inflatable was our number one priority. Many inflatable rental providers will not take responsibility for damages or any kind of issues that occur when the inflatable is off provider’s premisses, but we do, we know it is important to make sure nobody gets hurt or anything gets damaged.

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