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Inflatable Office Furniture

custom made inflatable furniture replica for t.v. show

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in an Inflatable Office? Well, this client our ours did and what did he learn? He learned that although the inflatable furniture is comfortable, still there is no place like home. Talk shows are known for doing outlandish episodes once in a while and this entire episode was furnished with a completely inflatable office. It’s kinda funny looking back on this because we made an entire bounce house and then built the office in the bounce house and then man in the image was jumping all over the “office” with a jolly smile on his face enjoying the project. So, does inflatabe office furniture motivate you to work longer hours without becoming fatigued? Well, that would depend on how tired one was before sitting on the inflatable chair. The fact is, if you ever find yourself in a flurry of reveries of inflatable thoughts you wish to see as an inflatable project we can work on, PDG will gladly work with you to craft your dreams. With our advanced design team forming and crafting an entire project is easy but at all points of the process it is an art form that we love to work with. Every one of the design members enjoys creating inflatables because they are a challenge to create and design because we take airflow into account. This airflow has to be precise or else the inflatable will bubble up into a shapeless ballon, whereas when you guide the airflow, pressure, and amount of air going into the inflatable it takes on a much better shape as opposed to rounding itself out and thus loosing its form. Creating detailed shapes with subtle characteristics that make an inflatable project look real is not a simple task but we always find a way to do so. In essence a lot of these projects are inflatable props but if you add detail great build quality together when you’re building an inflatable you get an inanimate object that comes to life. Any of our big inflatables can be a beacon, centerpiece or main attraction to an event you might host, look to enhance, or even be decorating for. Our wide range of inflatables can be a giant scary spider, a large crab, or even a large inflatable rocket ship that towers at the heart of an event.

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