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Giant Custom Inflatable Turtle

15' Inflatable replica of a sea turtle.

That is one BIG sea turtle! Have you ever seen a realistic inflatable turtle this large? Perhaps it was exposed to some type of gamma radiation? Who knows!? This huge inflatable custom printed sea turtle was requested by a theme park in the UK as well as a few other museums and aquariums throughout the United States. Our realistic inflatable sea turtle was designed by one of our extremely talented graphic designers. We take existing turtle pictures and then one of our designers starts forming a shape for the turtle body. We then form the custom inflatable turtle and this helps us get start shaping an idea of how it looks in real life as opposed to getting random color patterns online. Our designer will then go through many pictures of very specific parts of the turtle ranging from the eyes and face to the shell and its fins. After all of that he/she will start sketching, in photoshop, onto the then formed patterns for the inflatable and the final product is a beautiful because it is as realistic as possible. We actually have this turtle in our inventory and it comes in a multitude of sizes. The smallest sea turtle we have made is  a five foot cold air inflatable turtle. These smaller inflatables are sealed units that do not have an external blower system and the bigger they get they tend to have a large blower system attached to them so they can keep their shape without getting deflated. The smaller ones have been used at events as ceiling decorations that hover over a ball room, a convention hall or even museums. The larger sizes we have made are in the 25 foot and 30 foot range but we are capable of manufacturing extremely large inflatables if needed. The largest inflatable that we have manufactured that is not a structure is a large 60 foot realistic cranberry for Ocean Spray. PDG has the ability to create large custom inflatable shapes that will shock and amaze. Everyone will want to take photos next to this big guy.

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