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30′ Giant Inflatable OKC Thunder Mascot – Rumble the Bison

Big 30' Inflatable replica of rumble the bison (mascot of OKC Thunder)

Large inflatables always attract peoples’ eyes because of their massive sizes and this giant mascot is not exception. This Rumble the Bison is probably the largest inflatable mascot in the world. At 30′ you can see this from a couple of blocks away when you set it on top of a rooftop it definitely attracts attention because of how big it is and for what it stands for. OKC thunder fans probably took pictures with it when they saw it and/or pictures of it because it stands for their team, it is their mascot and when it is this big it cannot go unrecognized by them, or their rivals. All of our custom inflatables are printed in separate panels and then stitched to perfection to make sure the final shape looks exactly how it should instead of bulky or cartoony like others. They are also accompanied by a 2 year warranty and they are coated with a special U.V. coating that allows us to guarantee the printed image wont scratch off the surface.

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