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Giant Custom Red Rhino Inflatable

35' Inflatable Red Rhino Replica

A 25′ tall inflatable rhino will make your booth stands out more than any other booth because it is an attraction for everyone passing by to see and it won’t go unseen. The installation process (plug and play) is also rather easy and it does not take long at all to have the final product erected and standing tall in a crowd. The Rhino is also made from high quality materials so even if a kid wanted to go up to it and kick it it would be fine and it wouldn’t even flinch. This inflatable can also be setup outside for a long time and will will withstand just about any kind of weather. It is also coated with a clear U.V. coating so that it won’t fade or scratch off as well as hold up well under solar exposure. This is also important because since it is equipped with all of these features we are comfortable giving it a great warranty and know that it will outlast it.

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