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Eagleton School Custom Printed 6ft Table Cover

Custom printed table cover for Eagleton School

Table covers can carry many messages whether it is a logo, images, or a composition of both. Eagleton School, located in Massachusetts, needed to have a combination of their logo and multiple eagle images to tell a story that will spark curiosity and attract any passerby with the beautiful imagery printed on the table cover. We print all of this with our state of the art printers. Our printing team is in charge of color rendition to make sure your images and designs are as pristine as possible when they are printed on the canvas of your choice. The table covers are then coated  with a U.V. Inhibitor coating by our production team to make sure the outdoor life we promise is more than met. They also come with the best warranty in the industry and they can be digitally printed on vinyl or they can be dye sublimated onto our best polyester. One offers incredible outdoor life and the other offers incredible colors, but they both look awesome and they are the best in the industry.The 6ft Table Cover is the most common size we offer for table throws. Every 6ft table cover can be covered in printing of your choice. You can also get a table cover in one of our canopy packages which also include a 10% discount.

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