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Drum Cover Printed for Shaw University Bears

Custom Printed Water Barrel Cover for Shaw University Bears Football Team

A barrel cover can be more than just a cover. You can add printing to it and now it is a clever way to do some outdoor marketing as well as improve the overall aesthetics of your display. You can custom print any one of these covers to make a stand wherever you go and to be recognized not only by your fans but also by your rivals. Taking your brand everywhere you go can also help create brand awareness and when people see you they will immediately know who you are because we make sure to mirror your brand identity in our products. You can also expand your display and we will guarantee that when you return the prints will be the exact same color and everything will look the same as before. This is because we digitally print the majority of our products and when you re-order we can type in the same settings and make sure everything is the same. Our design teams also keep detailed noted of what it is you requested and when we have a returning customer we review the notes and any new request you might have as well as promising to have the same people work on your order so that we can recall any special request and everything is done in the same manner as before.

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