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Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent

Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent

This Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent was specially designed for Microsoft for the sole purpose of being awesome oh, and of course, providing shade for their Xbox One demos and displays. This inflatable tent is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. This spectacular 45′ x 45′ Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent was fully printed and fabricated with expert craftsmanship, ensuring a high quality, functional design. While this massive tent provides shade for its employees and potential clients, it also mimics the shape of the actual Xbox One console itself. That’s pretty neat.

When you have the ability to print on multiple large format printers, wonderful things can happen, like this Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent! Since it was fully printed, we were able to achieve a seamless printed art piece. Our advanced printers can accurately print whichever colors you want, so they match the rest of your marketing materials. Our powerful UV coating will also ensure that your beautiful graphics don’t fade out of existence.

These giant inflatable tents can also accommodate air conditioners. These large tents can sometimes get a little hot on the inside, and if there are going to be a lot of people inside, then it’s a good idea to use some air conditioners. We custom manufacture A/C vents for the hot exhaust. Hot air extraction fans can also be placed anywhere on this Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent. Our commercial grade inflatable tent material is also 100% waterproof as well as NFPA certified fire retardant.

Inflatable structures are a great way to get noticed in today’s insanely competitive advertising world. This Custom Xbox Inflatable Tent was uniquely crafted using today’s latest techniques in inflatable design. Every aspect of this Custom Inflatable Xbox Tent was carefully designed to achieve maximum functionality and unique modern style. We even incorporated a 12/1 roof pitch on this Xbox One tent, just in case it rained. It’s the details that truly make a difference.

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