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Custom Inflatable Soccer Interactive Game

10'x10' Portable Interactive Inflatable for cricket

Custom inflatable shapes are one of our specialties and this particular shape is by no means conventional. We don’t only shape the figures but we print and customize the images and logos that are placed on the panels. The paneled sections then have to go though color matching to make sure all the faces of the inflatable are consistent in color to make sure the brand identity is properly portrayed. This interactive custom inflatable has you test your soccer skills by challenging you to kick a soccer ball into the holes in the back wall. It is really difficult to make a shot but when you do it really feels like an accomplishment. Ensuring requested color accuracy is another of our specialties and we have a whole team dedicated to it. They test many different colors and combinations to perfect your request. This type of inflatable also comes with a 2 year warranty to guarantee a long usage life. The custom inflatable is also kept inflated by our advanced air blower system that we engineer to make sure the inflatable never bulges or gets bent out of shape.

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