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Custom Inflatable Rainbow costume: (for Miley Cyrus Concert)

Custom 8' inflatable rainbow with printing for Miley Cyrus

Everybody loves rainbows! Replicating a natural wonder into an inflatable rainbow was an awesome process. We had not worked on a challenging product like this in a while and that’s because it wasn’t just an inflatable, this inflatable was also a costume that housed two people wearing it at the same time. This unique project was manufactured for, major recording artist, Miley Cyrus to be used on stage in one of her concerts. Promotional Design Group’s custom inflatable costumes are fun, exciting and may used in countless settings. Our client doubled their fun, by requesting that our team fabricate the Inflatable Costume design to accommodate two people, each with their own internal fan equipment to maintain cool temperature, even under such heavy lighting. The inflatable was printed in patterns that, when assembled, would make the rainbow and the clouds beneath it take their shape properly. The inflatable is made with a heavy duty vinyl that is both heavy duty and water-proof. The vinyl is also fire retardant and it is far thicker than the nylon or polyester small inflatables from Wal-mart or Target are made from. Every single one of our inflatable costumes comes with a 1 year warranty so we know it’s going to last long. So, wether you need a custom inflatable or a standard inflatable just know that we will use the best possible materials possible for all of our projects.

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