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Custom Inflatable Molecules for Siemens

Custom designed and manufactured inflatable molecules for Siemens Molecular Imaging

A molecular structure is one of the smallest structures in the world and it could pertain to everything, but this specific one is all about large scale in vinyl. Our inflatables are all about intricate structures and we loved this project when it was presented to us. We went ahead and did advanced CAD Designs to make sure it was a good execution of the structure and design and the final product was amazing. On top of that all of our inflatables are coated with a U.V. coating to ensure great outdoor durability and they all offer a two year warranty. Our custom inflatables can be color matched and when we finished our Siemens molecular structure they loved it to the point that they now keep it as their main display. Every time they go to any event they use the display because it is a cornerstone of their image now. Now everyone in the science community appreciates it as a work of art.

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