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Church of Scientology Custom Hexagonal High Peak Tents

Custom Yellow High Peak Octagonal tents for scientology

These custom hexagonal high peak tents are incredibly large yellow tents. Big, bright yellow tents. Bright yellow can look horrible if done wrong but Scientology has it mastered and their brand identity calls for yellow as a staple of who they are. Matching our prints and everything else that is going to be yellow on the high peak tents was vital to creating this promotional tent set. When clients stress a color resemblance or a perfect color match we know that it is paramount to be able to do this because a color can become part of your identity as this specific yellow (PMS Vibrant Yellow) has become with Scientology. In addition to a perfect color match it is important to provide a high quality product that will last in any kind of environment under any circumstances. These high peak tents offer a lifetime limited warranty and the tops offer a 5 year warranty since they are not printed. These hexagonal tents have been setup in the snow and all around the globe in events for The Church of Scientology. The literally take them on tour around the world and install them in cities, small towns and even harsh environments. These are specifically setup in union square in San Francisco and we think this is an incredible image because the tents look really small but when you stand next to them they are massive.

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