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Brutal 10×10 Custom Printed Pop Up Tent

10'x10' pop up tent canopy with rail skirts, back wall, and fully printed tent top.

When it comes to creating a custom printed tent we know everything there is to it and more. We know that branding and consistency across your multiple marketing products is important. This high-energy Carrera Brutal customized pop-up tent is a fine example of one of our easy-up custom tents that really embodies a brand’s spirit. With a custom-printed back and canopy plus digitally printed side walls, the Carrera Brutal tent brings all-around excitement. Barbed wire accents and Mexican flag coloring really make this tent design stand out. The low side walls allow for an open, airy environment at any festival, fair or tradeshow. This custom printed tent has uniform printing to make sure it looks great. We can create custom printed promotional products ranging from frame tents to pop up tents and inflatables. All of these products come in standard designs with standard colors but they can be customized either through printing or modified in shape and size. This pop up canopy comes with our most popular pop up frame, the Dura Max (comes with an 8 year warranty).If this tent included a table cover it would have been a gold package with which we include a 10% discount. In our canopy department we offer multiple packages for every different occasion and budget. The canopy packages come with an assorted array of accessories that are great tools for outdoor marketing. On them you can add your logos and signage for you to have more exposition for passerby to see. When creating a custom printed tent we usually need your logo and artwork in high resolution to make sure that the print is not pixelated or choppy or even out of focus. Preferably we would love to see your artwork in an .EPS or .AI file format. Almost any logo is vectored nowadays and if your logo is not vector or you do not know what “vector ” is just let us know and we will help you. We can also vector your logo for a fee but once it is vectored we will hand it over to you for you to keep forever. Together we can create a beautiful tent, just send us your logo, we will design a tent and if you approve it then it will be manufactured and sent to you. Simple right?

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