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Angry Pacman Inflatable

Custom made and designed yellow inflatable face of Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim is one of the wealthiest people on earth and this inflatable was made to protest him because of his wealth. The customer wanted a Pac-Man looking figure with a huge mustache like the one Carlos Slim has and they wanted to have a custom printed section. The inflatable made a huge impact on the campaign and everyone would stop by and take pictures with it to share on social media and other platforms. Its nickname is “angry Pac-Man” and it is one of the more detailed custom designed inflatables that we have produced. The inflatable as a whole seems simple but the color matching and the printing took some time to develop and design. Every one of our custom inflatables comes with a 2 year warranty and it also has U.V. protection to ensure it has the longest outdoor durability possible without charging you extra money or any hidden cost anywhere. We can also take on the challenge of anything you can come up with and we can definitely meet your expectations, even if it includes this angry expression and a custom phrase.

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