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8 Foot Custom NBA Basketball Replica

8' inflatable replica of Spalding NBA Basketball official game ball

Our 8′ inflatable basketball is so big that it can be seen from afar and you can still recognize it as an official Spalding basketball. Whatever your event is, it is sure to draw people in and spark conversation for everyone who loves basketball. Our inflatable replicas ┬ácan have any kind of printing and they will look as real as can be. They all come with a 2 year warranty and they are coated with a U.V. coating to make sure their outdoor durability is extensive. All of these inflatable replicas are made to match the original product to perfection and we can even make them bigger and ensure they won’t pop like a cheap balloon. They also won’t be affected by the weather, unless there is a fast gust of wind, and wind speed is far too high for stability. These products are so heavy duty that they can resist extreme temperatures like a snow tundra at -40 degrees, and everything will be fine with the inflatable since it is a cold air inflatable.

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