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6’ Long Printed Table Cover for Global Insurance

6' Table Cover for Global Insurance Co. with custom printing

Global insurance is an insurance provider in Beaverton, Oregon and they are a small office. They go out to events sharing and offering their services and now it is like taking a mobile office with them because they can fit a couple of representatives and multiple tables in their promotional tent. This table cover will carry your logo on it and it can be displayed front and center without having to worry about it fading or ripping since it is digitally printed and it is made of vinyl that comes with a great warranty. Showcasing your ideas and products is also easier because instead of using large posters to attract attention the table cover serves as a large banner with beautiful print. You can also print whatever you like on it wether it is a logo an image or both and the price will be the exact same! Talk to one of our sales team members for more information and don’t forget to ask for a sample, we provide them for you to verify you are making the right choice. This vinyl table cover is perfect for outdoors, but we also offer brilliant dye sublimated prints for indoor use as well.

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