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40’ by 60’ Custom Designed Tent for the Movie Faster

Custom made 40'x60' Double High peak yellow and brown tent.

Custom event tents are unique because they are usually designed to be large and house many guest. Since they are so large not many tent manufacturers are capable of producing them and if they do they can’t really be custom, but we can do just about anything even if you want to have it customized or if you want to make it a bigger tent because our many years of experience have allowed us to develop many abilities and specialties. Every one of our promotional tents is unique because they are all customized in some way to fit a certain need the client might have. Their massive size requires them to be sturdy and since they are left out in the elements for long periods of time we use the best materials and components available because we don’t want these large tents to corrode or fade, or break when you are hosting an event of any sort. We also provide the best warranties in the industry. Our frame is made of aircraft grade aluminum and it is accompanied by a lifetime warranty. Our tent tops are made of the best vinyl we can find and these come with a 5-7 year warranty so if it fades, or cracks or even rips you are free to let us know and we will fix it*. This tent was for the production company that made the movie Faster.

*Contact a sales team member for more info.

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