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25ft Giant Custom Inflatable Viking Warrior

25' Custom Inflatable viking with printing

Vikings were big, but not this big. We created a replica of this viking for rooftop or ground display and it is 25′ tall so it will be a highly visible custom inflatable for anyone to be curious about. These large figures are printed and designed in a way that they will be perfect for long outdoor exposure. Their warranties are also the best in the industry and they are unmatched by anyone who offers custom inflatables of any sort. We also manufacture them as realistic as possible while everyone else makes these giants really generic and they are flimsy while ours from thick and durable materials. They can also be customized with printing so that you can have your branding, signage, and logos on them (usually the belly area and size depends on how tall the viking is.) These vikings can be manufactured in 2-3 depending on complexity and amount of printing. Most of our other inflatables can also be manufactured in the same amount of time and everything that is customized takes around 4-6 weeks. Of course, if you need something sooner we can definitely get it done in a limited amount of time without compromising quality for an expedited manufacturing time. We manufacture everything with great detail and care to make sure that all of the these products last as long as possible. This is because we have warranties that last *2 years per inflatable.

*Ask for more information regarding warranties.

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