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25′ Giant Custom Inflatable Soccer Ball

Inflatable standee with soccer ball

Soccer events can be repetitive but with this 25′ inflatable soccer ball replica you can make the event different. This soccer ball inflatable will allow you to be seen from afar and the people attending will appreciate its presence. Something this big has to attract attention and you might even get inquiries as to what being hosted there and any passerby will definitely take a second glance at the largest soccer ball they’ve played their eyes on. These large inflatables are custom made by our structural engineering and production teams working side by side to make this creative inflatable go from an idea on a paper to a large replica you can be amazed by. As you can see we love soccer and when we first made it it was because we wanted to experiment but it got serious along the way and now we manufacture the largest soccer balls in the world. These can range in size from 25′ to infinity(not really, ask for details) and they will last longer than a soccer ball became the materials we use are extremely heavy duty. You can also expect to receive a 2 year warranty or you can rent it and we can install it. This particular inflatable can be installed and displayed in a matter of minutes without any hassles.

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