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20×50 Standard Frame Tent – Solid Blue

20'x50' Solid Blue Tent with standard frame configuration.

Manufacturing a 20’x50′ standard frame tent is no easy task but we dedicate our lives to these products and love working with them so when we work on something like this it is easy because we are so used to it. All big tents like this one are complex because of the parts included in the setup process and then attaching the tent top to the frame is a difficult process so we make it as easy as possible so that when the customer is working with it they don’t have a hard time during any of the installation process. These big tents are completely customizable and any kind of graphics can be added to them. We can also add internal walls to separate sections within the tent and have side walls for when there is an outdoor event inside the tent. These frames are so strong that we offer a lifetime warranty on them and a 5 year warranty on the top, but if the top is printed we offer a 2 year warranty on the print. We also provide all the tools and instructions necessary for you to assemble the tents and our shipping department can arrange to have this ship just about anywhere in the world.

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