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20×20 Printed Hi Peak Tent with Jim Beam Logos and Printed Back Wall

20'x20' Printed High Peak tent for Jim beam whiskey events

A marketing tent can be fully customized like this one and when it is done we will guarantee the best warranty and quality available. This tent was uniquely designed by Jim Beam and they provided us with great artwork for the design, so we made the best of it and printed the entire tent and now it is among our favorite printed projects. They wanted muted colors with a hardwood floor texture and the design needed to have their logo stand out, so we created different renderings for them to review. With these renderings we made the small changes to color, placement and pattern designs until they were happy with the design. All of our renderings are free and you can have as many changes as needed until you arrive at the design you are looking for, like Jim Beam. These mockups provide you with a clear sense of where your logo goes, how it is going to look and even color corrections can be seen here. You are then free to make scale changes, color changes, or you can discard the whole idea and start anew and we will keep providing you with unlimited renderings until you find what you are looking to achieve. After the entire design has been finalized our design & sales team transfer the files and request to our production department and they all collaborate to make sure your requested product is perfect.

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