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20×20 Berard Transport High Peak Tent With Graphics

20'x20' printed high peak tent for beard transport events

High peak tents are beautiful in their design and when you add simple graphics with a strong logo or color they look even better. This particular promotional tent for Berard Transport has a double tube configuration that allows you to get rid of the center legs for support because the structure is reinforced with a second tube that makes it more sturdy and heavy duty. When a tent is printed we also go ahead and coat it with a special U.V. coating so that it has a long outdoor life. Our warranties provided with these products are the best in the industry and the materials they are made of are not only the strongest and most durable, but they are the highest grade available. Everybody in the promotional tents industry can print, but not everyone can print and do color matching like we do and we love having good challenges because we are good at delivering highly customized products.

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