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20’ Long Inflatable Spider Rental for Financial Park

20' Custom inflatable spider rental

This inflatable spider is 20′ long and can be setup in a multitude of configurations. You can make it crawl over a building or you can have it wrap itself on a statue of some sort to give the illusion of a giant spider trapping its prey. This intricate detailed seen in the inflatable replica make it even scarier because it doesn’t look playful or cartoony but actually more realistic. This specific spider is always booked for halloween rentals and it is interesting to see where and how people arrange it to be seen at their locations. Imagine seeing a large spider hanging from the side of a building… it really can’t go unseen. Our advanced blower systems also ensure that the large spider will keep inflated through just about any weather and we even coat it with an anti U.V. coating to make sure that it doesn’t fade or crack with long outdoor exposure.

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