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15×30 Quonset Inflatable Tent

15'x30' White inflatable tent.

The Quonset tent has been a really old design that has been around since the 50’s. Within this design there are many variants based on how to construct the tent which was made with giant sheets of corrugated galvanized steel. They had to be moved by boat and crane everywhere they went because of the size and weight. It was not collapsable, nor was it cheap to transport, but they military loved them because of how strong they were and how resistant to the elements they were as well. This specific 15′ by 30′ quonset hut is more of an event tent because it was commissioned for a special event. The big difference between this and the original ones is that it can be transported and shipped at a puny fraction of what the other ones would cost to ship, take (time to ship), and the man power involved to guide it and set it up. This tent can be set up with two people or even one for that matter, and since it is an inflatable it will be completely inflated in a matter of minute. All you would have to do then is grab all of the harness ropes, tie it down and you will be done in about 8-15 minutes. This like all of our products can be further customized in size, shape and we can add printing to it. The materials we employ in building this type of tent are American made and we manufacture everything in the U.S. so the final product is an authentic American product. Our printing solutions can be applied to any one of our products and this allows you to get signage, logos, and iconic looks and colors on the entire project to fully resemble your brand anywhere you go. From concept to creation, every design, to the last stitch is crafted with love for what we do.

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