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15ft Smartscape Expo/ Watering Spout Inflatable

15' inflatable water spout replica for Smartscape

This is a giant 20ft inflatable watering spout with printed digital graphics. This dynamic design was used for a trade show surrounding water conservation at the Smart Scape Expo in Long Beach. Smart Scape is an expo that promotes the redesign of your landscape in order to preserve water in an environment that is affected by a drought or where there is very little access to water. Making your yard a water friendly yard can help conserve water and the Smart Scape Expo helps you with ideas and contacts to help you out with that. There are also incentives (in California) for doing this as they use less water and the state gives you an award and personally thanks you for your commitment to helping California use less water. California has been going through a drought for a while so the Smart Scape Expo has been having great results lately. This 20ft inflatable watering spout is their attention grabbing centerpiece for their event. It is colorful and vivid inflatable that we are very proud of having made because it is for a good cause. With every one of our inflatables we apply a U.V. inhibitor coating to the surface of the print to protect it from fading and scratching. The inflatable itself is easy to use. All you have to do to install it is open the bag it comes in, lay it out and then plug it into the bower system it comes with and finally tie it down. This takes about 5-10 minutes and taking it down is the same but in reverse order and it takes about 15 mins. Considering the size of the inflatable 25 minutes tops to install and take down is very good. These inflatables are great for both outdoor and indoor events and they definitely do not go unnoticed.

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