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10×10 Truth High Peak Custom Printed Tent

Orange 10'x10' High Peak Tent for Truth Church

With enclosed walls done in the true Truth colors, this 10-foot by 10-foot high-peak custom tent is practical and weatherproof while still remaining open and inviting. The all-orange coloring makes the Truth tent an eye-catching hub at any event, but it’s this tent’s simplistic design that makes it so unique. Sometimes a single color can go a long way, and this custom-printed pop-up is a fine example of that. Topped off by a matching flag at its peak, the Truth tent is a both fun and practical. All of our outdoor marketing products are manufactured to attract a crowd with their aesthetic. This tent looks both elegant and orange is a very magnetic color to the eye. The tent is very attention grabbing. Just imagine in within rows and rows of white canopies or tents at an event. Not only that but most canopies and tents at events, while having a pyramid-like top, are short and this tent has a very specific feature, the high peak. Even if the canopy is a small size the peak will still tower over smaller tents around it. We can also manufacture tents with longer legs to give them a higher presence at events. We are sure the Truth was able to use this beautiful tent in a their outdoor marketing campaigns without a hassle because the tent is very easy to use.  They become more difficult to handle if they are larger than 20 feet on any side and do require more than two people to install and take down but a smaller tent like this can be easily installed by two people within minutes.

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