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10×10 Misting Station Inflatable Tent for Coca Cola

Coca Cola inflatable chill zone for event marketing

Where’s that cute polar bear!? Coca-Cola has removed themselves from the old polar bear they were often associated with because now they only use it for for their marketing campaigns during the holiday seasons. So how do they do marketing in the summer, where a polar bear doesn’t really fit in?Gotta love effective marketing, right? Well, this custom printed Coca Cola inflatable misting station is a pretty good way to attract people too. In a hot summer day all you can think of is finding an air conditioned area, some shade and other places to cool off, but sometimes you do not have an option because many events take place outside and event when you stand in the shade you might need some way to cool off. An outdoor inflatable misting station sprays a cool thick mist into the air and standing near it feels very refreshing. The beauty of a misting station is that it can be custom designed and modified to have your logos, signage and slogans printed all over it. In this case Coca-Cola went for a simple design with just the logo on the four sides of the misting tent. These tents can be either inflatable, pop up tents, or large frame tents that you might need to host a larger event. Here at PDG, we can custom make almost anything your little heart desires with shapes and printing that can be completely custom and out of the norm. Combine a cool looking inflatable tent with a high pressure misting system and we guarantee that you’ll have a throng underneath it during the summer season because of the relief it provides from an extremely hot day.

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