Standard Frame Tents

Standard frame tents make absolutely ideal festival tents, flea market coverings, craft show shelters and central hubs for just about any industry event. Here at Promotional Design Group, we’re truly in the business of bringing your ideas to life — from small-scale tents rendered with your business’ brand information to tents of monstrous proportions with every detail tailored to your company. Because of the flexibility of our facilities and team, we have the capacity to build and design heavy duty standard frame tents for any size business or organization, big or small. Let’s put it this way: we relish in a good, old-fashioned challenge, so if you’ve got something out-of-this-world that you’re dreaming of bringing to your next industry-related event, festival, fair or trade show, we’re your ideal partner in design and production. Our simple and efficient process for creating custom-designed tents ensures one thing: you’re the boss. Once we have an idea — rough or set-in-stone — of what you’re looking for, one of our designers will create a quick, free mock-up and quote for you to review. Send back edits, make structural and design changes and tailor it to your budget and then we’ll get started on production. With one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry, you could have your custom promo tent in just seven to 10 business days. Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to build any size tent, from five feet to over 100 feet, all using the highest quality materials. Our standard frame tent frames are made from industrial-grade aircraft anodized aluminum that’s built for superior structural stability, corrosion resistance and fire code safety. Meanwhile, our tent tops are made from heavy-duty, 13-ounce vinyl material that’s fully NFPA-certified. We also use only the highest quality inks and four-color digital printers to create eye-catching, richly rendered designs that totally embody the spirit of your business. Here at Promotional Design Group, we operate on the principle that the possibilities are entirely endless, so we can help you create something that people will remember.

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