High Peak Tents

Our custom printed, high peak tents are a great choice for a wide variety of event applications, from weddings to trade shows to outdoor galas. The unique, circus-inspired shape of a classic, high peak tent features a single central peak (or more, depending on the size of the tent), to offer optimum precipitation redirection and aesthetic intrigue. These American-made, heavy duty high peak peaked tents are the perfect canvas for your business’ unique design theme or promotional artwork because they offer unobstructed canvas space for totally uninterrupted, richly rendered imaging that people will notice from miles away. Here at Promotional Design Group, we’re well-equipped for a wide range of large and small scale tent design applications. As with all of our custom tents, our high-peak tents can be ordered to your unique design, coloring and sizing standards. Send us an idea of what you’re after — whether it’s a loose, open-ended draft or a set-in-stone, concrete vision — and we’ll have one of our highly skilled designers create a 3D rendering to allow you to see how your artwork will look on one of our high-peak tents from all angles. We also provide simple, speedy quotes to help you decide which types of tents and design options meet your budget.

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