Warranty Information

Warranty does not cover situations where:

* Abuse or neglect may refer to an improper set up of the tent, e.g., not removing the tent material when collapsing the frame, dropping the frame, scraping the tent material, dragging the tent material on the floor, or forcing the tent open when tent top corners are misaligned.

** It is at the discretion of the customer to decide whether or not to install a tent in windy, rainy, or other uncertain weather conditions. PDG does not take responsibility for any damage that may occur to the product, property, or persons.

Promotional Design Group® reserves the right to determine the repair method for any defect(s).

In the event that the product is damaged, Promotional Design Group® requires proof of damage, either picture or video, in order to determine whether the damage is covered under warranty. Please do not throw away damaged frame or material. If proof is not provided, then Promotional Design Group® may refuse to repair or replace any item. Customer must also ship back all defective or damaged items to Promotional Design Group®. If all items are not received, we reserve the right to charge a replacement fee. Shipping charges for repairs not covered under warranty will be the responsibility of the customer.