Which canopy tent do I buy?

Custom canopies are our best selling promotional products and thats because of how effective they are at taking outdoor marketing campaigns to the next level. Wether you are installing it out in the sun, rain, or even snow (light snow, we do not recommend unsafe situations like blizzards) custom canopies represent you anywhere you go. […]

LED Canopy Lights

LED Canopy lights are incredibly great little tools to illuminate your pop up canopy. They are heavy duty and provide your canopy with 400 lumens while taking very little effort to set up. Night time canopy set ups are not that common, but what they all have in common is a need for lighting and […]

How to use a Rhino Roller Hard Case

The Rhino Roller Hard Case is a proprietary designed product that we developed in 2012 to safeguard your canopy and tent top from the elements. We understand that a personalized canopy could be quite expensive if you choose to go all out on printing and what not and that it is important to protect it […]

Inflatable Characters

Inflatable characters are large inflatable replicas of cartoon-like characters and figurines. They can be manufactures in many different shapes, sizes and styles. Sometimes our task is to take a 2-D character and convert it into a completely three dimensional inflatable figure. Many times the characters are drawn on a sheet of paper and we are […]

Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are one of our most popular products because of how easy it is to set them up as opposed to a frame tent with many different parts that need connecting and precise alignment. Managing the entire inflatable structure is also very easy because all you have to do is lay it out and […]

Heavy Duty Pop Up Canopies

Promotional Design Group is one of the leading pop up canopy manufacturers in the United States and we are proud of being able to create the best canopies in the whole country (probably the world). Our canopies have come to be known as heavy duty pop up canopies because they are heavy duty instant canopies. […]

Inflatable Domes

One of our many unique creations of the inflatable dome. Its construction consist of many layers with many different types of materials that serve specific purposes. These large domes are great for hosting events and demonstrations while at the same time impressing anyone who gets to see them firsthand. This is because they can get […]

Kelly Towles: Light the Way

Kelly Towles produces very unique art through many different medias. These medias range from small canvasses, to televisions (on the glass), walls (giant murals) and even inflatables. Now of course, thats only four different medias but he is far more talented than that as he is not limited to those four but instead he is […]

Tents for Events

Event tents are commonly thought to be high peak tents and canopies but it ranges to many other types of tents as well. An event tent can be a tent for a wedding, a comic convention, or a sports event at any high school. Everyone in southern California has seen a big red tent events […]

Vinyl Banners

Banners are probably the easiest promotional product to transport, install and store. They are also very effective at conveying a message through custom signage because they can be exposed to the sun and other elements without having to worry about it ripping, tearing, snapping, and/or breaking. We also apply a protective layer of U.V. coating […]

Christmas Inflatables

Holiday season is nearly here and we love it because we make incredibly large christmas inflatables and then we decorate our building with them. We manufacture all sorts of inflatables and we actually have many in stock but we can always make new ones and customize them to your liking. All of our holiday inflatables […]

Pop Up Tent Styles

Pop up tents are ingenious tools that can aid marketing campaigns, help you host a booth at a farmer’s market, or simply keep you from being exposed to the sun. The pop up tent goes by many names such as “canopy”, “EZ-Up” and “collapsable frame tents”. Many of our clients are coming from disposable frames […]

Rooftop Inflatables

Rooftop Inflatables have been a classic promotional tool to attract attention to shops, car dealerships, and events. The are easy to spot from a couple of blocks away (depending on size) and they can be customized. Any promotional product that can be customized and printed is our specialty since we have been customizing marketing and […]

Event Tent Accessories

Pop up tents are one of the easiest promotional products to install, remove and relocate because of their lightweight frames and easy to use tent tops. These canopies are also easy to transport and they allow you to take your organization’s theme anywhere you go. If your next event is at the beach, in a […]

Custom Printed Table Throws

Custom printed table covers are a great tool to expose your brand to others in an event and since they are so easy to use you can take it anywhere and finish setting it up in a matter of minutes. You can have any printed pattern or picture or a combination of both on any […]

Inflatable Drink Replicas

Have you ever seen a giant bottle replica at an event? We probably made it if you did, and it is because we are one of the best manufacturers when it comes to making inflatable bottle replicas. We have worked hand in hand with companies like Rockstar, Gatorade, and Heffeweisen making all sorts of inflatable […]

Promotional Products

Promotional Design Group has produced promotional products for over 32 years with the best materials and techniques possible. These promotional product are great for marketing both indoors and outdoors while helping you developing brand awareness because you take your brand with you. We print on every one of our products with the best possible digital […]

Doritos Interactive Marketing Products

We are constantly working with creative individuals of all sorts and sometimes they bring ideas that are a little out there, but making it happen is our specialty. We create a large portion of the promotional products you see at events and in this case we collaborated with Doritos on an array of different products. […]

Pop Up Canopy Tent Packages

Pop up tent packages are a set of predetermined pop up tent layouts that allow you to customize the layout of your choice however you want. You can also go ahead and add items to these packages to further customize your custom pop up tent. If the layout you are looking for is not available […]

Custom Pop Up Tents

Custom pop up tents are one of the most popular marketing items available to anyone who attending events like a farmer’s market, business trade shows, or even for you to host events yourself. So what is a custom pop up tent? They are the best canopy tents that serve as a canvas for you to […]

Staples Center: Kobe Inflatable

Custom inflatables display images or ideas that attract people to them because of their size. This specific countered inflatable is a 25′ inflatable with Kobe running and dribbling a ball, but it is mirrored to be seen on both sides. We make sure it is big enough for the crowd to see it from afar […]

Kelly Towles and “The Capitol”

Kelly Towles is an illustrator with great talent who designs characters as a vision of humans and how they deal with issues in the real world. These characters are usually full of color and they may look a little odd but they grow on you. Sometimes he takes his work off paper and applies it […]

Dew Tour L.A.

Dew tour is just a fun event all around, where talent doesn’t go unrecognized. Everyone there has something to bring to the event to make it better and Acton was no exception. They had an awesome setup with a lot of custom branding and promotional products to aid their outdoors campaigns as well as a […]