Inflatable Props

PDG is the only vendor in the world to offer such an extensive selection of oversized inflatable props for both purchase and rental. Our Giant Inflatable Props are used by many different industries for their special events. Special Event Planners Casinos Event Coordinators around the United States and Canada often use many of our Oversized Props on a consistent basis. Many Film, Movie and Commercial Production Companies around the globe regularly rent our Oversized Props for TV, Commercials and Movies.

Our Oversized Props are also used by many Stage Production and Theater Groups for their stage and theater productions across the United States and Canada. Inflatable Stage Props are now becoming more commonly used because of the quick installation and quick deflation during a play or theater production.

Museums frequently use our giant inflatable props to garner attention. For example, if a Museum is having a Dinosaur exhibit, our Giant Inflatable Dinosaurs would be a great way of really making a statement and attracting attention at the same time.

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