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Fastest quote and rendering process 2-4 hours after speaking with a sales rep

American-made Made in America, so you get your products faster!

Built to Last! We're so confident that our warranties are for 6-8 years!

High Peak Tents
If you need visibility, then our high peak tents are a must for your business. Our commercial grade high peak tents from Promotional Design Group® are designed by professionals to be the most visible that they can possibly be. Here at PDG®, we offer a variety of long lasting commercial grade promotional advertising products. Try giving us a call and our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you out with anything that you need.
Quickie Quote Simple and speedy
alternate text Getting a quote from us couldn’t be easier. Try sending us an email and we’ll have one of our friendly customer service executives contact you right away. You can also try giving us a call us and we’ll connect you immediately with a live professional. Let us know what you want and we’ll be able to get you detailed pricing right away, as well as get a mock-up started.
Free Mock-up See a visual representation of your future product
Once we have an idea of what you want on your high peak tent, we’ll have our incredibly talented design team create an amazing 3-D mock-up just for you, and usually within a few hours. We use state-of-the-art 3-D design programs that allow us to show you a high resolution mock-up of what your tent will actually look like when it’s complete.
Back view Front view Side view
Strong and Durable Digital printing, tent tops, and frames with serious warranties
alternate text All of our products are heavy duty and commercial grade. This means that they’re going to last way longer than anything that you’d buy at your local store. Our heavy duty high peak canopy frames come with a lifetime warranty! Our commercial grade vinyl tent tops also come with a 5-Year Warranty and are also NFPA certified fire retardant, which means they meet all fire codes in America. Our high quality digital printing also comes with a 5-Year Warranty, and since graphics are coated with our proprietary Dura™ coat, they’ll stay vibrant and colorful for years. Here at PDG®, we use only the highest quality materials for all our products. Get one of our tents, and you won’t have to get another one for a long time.