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Custom Shark Pedicab Cover

Custom made pedicab cover resembling a shark eating the pedicab passenger.

Shark Week is an event where terrible and awesome shark stories and facts are bombarding you on T.V. for an entire week on Discovery Channel and it is very conscious about its advertising campaigns and how they are going to execute them. This is a specially designed rickshaw cover that is in the shape of a shark’s mouth in which the passengers are to sit. The pedicab driver is dressed like a lifeguard and they would go around town looking for people who needed a pedicab during shark week to create awareness and let people know about it. They requested dozens of these customized pedicab covers and they ran an outdoor campaign for the entire week before, during and after shark week and people all over New York loved it. The covers were custom printed and designed to fit the pedicabs perfectly. We are happy that we were part of the campaign because it challenged us as we hadn’t done a project like this before and when we finished we were enthused to know what we were capable of because it was something new and it motivated everyone in our teams because we had achieved something new.

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