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Custom Printed Pedicab Shark Covers

Multiple custom made pedicab cover resembling a shark eating the pedicab passenger.

The Shark Cover Project is the ingenious result of multiple collaborations with a unique bicycle transportation company in New York. Mr. Rickshaw had their pedicab campaign for shark week and they had all of their drivers dress up as lifeguards to go with the theme. The pedicab covers were shaped like the jaws of a shark and the passengers seat was within the shark’s jaws giving the illusion of a person being inside the sharks mouth. Where else but New York could a tourist enjoy city sights while sitting comfortably in the jaws of a shark. We do many printing services, but this was absolutely new and different for us and yet it was one of the most fun ones we’ve worked on. We also provided them with a 2 year warranty and coated the covers (U.V. coating) to make sure the outdoor life was a long one since they are exposed to the sun for long hours.

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