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Custom Inflatable MTV Domes and Tunnels with Printed Logos

MTV U inflatable dome configuration with interconnecting domes

Design is one of our greatest strongpoints and when we work on large scale projects we have a clear sense of function and how something is expected to look. We love taking on challenges that test our printing capabilities because our printing department is very proud of how it works and when they are expected to complete a project they work on them as if they were their own and they make sure everything is perfect. Our design team is very creative and when someone has an idea it is up to our design team to be able to put this vision together while the sales team is concentrated on working closely with both the client and the design team to help out in every aspect they can in the form of a project manager who aids both the designer and the client with their extensive knowledge of our capabilities. MTV had an outdoor marketing campaign and they had a layout they wanted to use for the campaign but they were having difficulties determining what the best way to carry out their event was, so we worked with them in creating the most effective system for their strategies to work. We also worked with them on the artwork design on our products to increase visibility and prominence in an event and this multi-dome inflatable is what we all agreed was the best way to do that. The design is different and brings a new dynamic to the parties and festivals where they were to carry out their outdoor marketing campaigns, but it was successful and they drew in crowds of curious attendees.

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