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Angle View of 20’ by 20’ Orange and White Striped High Peak Tent

Isometric view: 20'x20' Red and white striped high peak tent.

20’x20′ High peak tents are elegant in design and you can customize them until you are happy with it because we can produce high customizable advertising products. This particular high peak tent comes with striped sections in the panels that make up the tent top and there is no printing on it, but rather it is a combination of our stock colors forming stripes on the tent. High peak tents come with eight legs but you can get it to be only four legs because we can make a double tube frame that will help the structure be stronger and sturdier and you can get things into the tent easier because nothing is in the way. These tents are highly visible from afar because the striped patterns can be seen from far away as there are inconsistencies in color values when you see it from far away.

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