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Large Inflatable Cranberry Replica for Oceanspray

60' Inflatable Cranberry replica made for Ocean Spray

Our custom inflatables are amazing and when we make a replica it is usually 20-30 feet but this one is 60′ and its visibility was incredible because you could see it from a couple of blocks away, whereas our other inflatables are also visible from afar but not this far. We created the patterns and used the suggested artwork to manufactured this inflatable for Ocean Spray’s PACT products. The cranberry was to travel everywhere the PACT product was introduced and it was going to be setup so that people could see the event from afar and be attracted. One of the first places they used it was the beach and when they set it up it was literally a giant cranberry on the beach and they hosted it with a yoga event that was sponsored by PACT to promote the product. They also bought custom tents and flags to go along with the 60′ cranberry and they were great, but the size of the cranberry was so prominent that it garnered all the attention the event attracted. Printing this was difficult because every print had to be the same color and they all had to match because there can’t be patches on any one of the panels that make up the inflatable replica or else they stand out and the illusion of the shape it is replicating is gone because your eye starts seeing inconsistencies, and we not only color matched the panels but we also gave the entire cranberry the color they wanted us to make sure to match and it is all thanks to our design team working closely to our printing team. Our teams of professionals went through great lengths to ensure this was a perfect project because of the magnitude of the final product, but when we were done we felt accomplished and now we are looking forward to our next challenge because these projects help us understand how great of a manufacture we are.

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