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20×20 Green and White Striped High Peak Tent

20'x20' Green and white striped high peak tent

High peak tents are on of our most popular products and we make many styles for clients to purchase or rent and they can range in color and size. This specific 20’x20′ high peak is one of the most popular among the tent rentals and even among our tent sales. Many car dealerships utilize these because they are easily seen from afar and they can come in different colors. The colors range from blue and white to yellow or even red. If it is one of our stock colors we can provide it for anyone to use or rent in our designs. These high peak tents can also be placed on our double barrel frames which eliminate the center legs for the tent to be more accessible and this allows for a simple and clean design. You can also place any large prop or display inside it with ease and it will be covered from the elements.

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